Help Support Recovery.

When you purchase recordings of previous Serenity Retreats 100% of the proceeds go to support future retreat scholarships. 

“At least 10 million Americans are estimated to suffer Preview from potentially life-threatening eating disorders, a family of behaviors characterized by an unhealthy relationship with food, an unhealthy relationship with one's body, and unhealthy weight-regulation practices. Combined, these illnesses are one of the leading killers of young women in western nations.” *US News Health

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170th Serenity Retreat Becky J (Feb 2015)
169th Serenity Retreat John K (Aug 2014)
168th Serenity Retreat Harlan (Feb2014)
167th Serenity Retreat Julie A (October 2013)
166th Serenity Retreat Judi H (June 2013)
165th Serenity Retreat Teryl (February 2013)
164th Serenity Retreat Cherie M (Oct 2012)
163rd Serenity Retreat Barbara R (June 2012)
162nd Serenity Retreat Harlan (Feb 2012)
160th Serenity Retreat Jim P (June 2011)
159th Serenity Retreat John K (Feb 2011)
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